When Our Children Paint A Picture

Dear Providence Family,

Two weeks ago, I shared the amazing opportunity to not only build a 3rd home at La Providencia, but the possibility, thanks to our new partners, to build a 4th!

You can get all the details here on our goal to build two more homes.

I can say with great appreciation that several of you have responded to this opportunity. As of June 22, we have raised over 1/4 of our goal! Yes, in just two short weeks we are sitting at 26%! It was amazing to see the email and financial support come in very quickly after the update was sent out. We are excited for your continued partnership with what God is doing at La Providencia.

As summer has arrived, teams from the United States are visiting almost weekly to serve and help us with many projects here. The children living in our two homes ask if these teams are here to help build the next home at La Providencia. They see the locations are roped off, and have been waiting patiently since we had the ceremony where we laid the first brick of the 3rd home.

As myself, Marco, and the parents in our two homes have been asked questions about when more children will be coming to live at La Providencia, I was reminded of a story Marco Fuentes, our LP Community Development Director, shared regarding the adoption process of one of the children at La Providencia.

The following, I hope, will give you a better understanding of what the children think and feel about living in our homes at La Providencia. Here’s Marco’s story.

About a year ago, we started the process of adoption for Josué. This meant we had lots of paperwork to submit to the judge’s office, which took months. We wanted him declared as an abandoned child (because that is what indeed happened) so he could be a candidate for adoption, and ultimately be adopted by Mario and Beatriz.

A few months later, the judge’s office called and said he could be adopted, but that we had to continue the adoption process. The next step was a psychological evaluation from the IHNFA (the government institution in charge of adoptions).

Phil, Mizael, Mario, Josué and I went to Tegucigalpa for the evaluation and were interviewed about La Providencia (LP). After a while the psychologist informed us that she needed to do a 1-on-1 session with Josué. They were in the office for about 30-40 minutes and afterward asked to see the psychologist (me).

I stood up and went into the office and saw Josué smiling. The INHFA psychologist asked me who Josué lived with, who he grew up with at LP, and other questions that I thought she might have already asked Josué. I asked her, “Did Josué work well with you? Did he cooperate?” She said, “Yes, of course”, and kept asking me things that I thought Josué would´ve already answered.

After a few more questions, I asked her how Josué did on his evaluation. She answered, with a smile on her face, “In all the time I´ve been here, I´ve asked kids to draw who they live with and none of them drew what Josué did”. She then pulled out a piece of paper and there was Josué´s family: Mom (Beatriz), Dad (Mario), and his brothers and sisters. He even drew La Providencia’s dog, Limber. As a psychologist that was a turning point in my ministry.

The children know they’re home at La Providencia. Not only do they know that their Mom, Dad, and siblings love them but they also know that God cares deeply for them.

There are more children here who need to know and experience this love. There are children who are longing for a family of their own.

But we cannot make this happen without the finances to build the third home. Your response two weeks ago was encouraging to us, but there’s still work to be done.

We are ready to build. We are ready to move in. We are ready to show more children the love of God. We cling tightly to the words in Hebrews; faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

We can already see the 3rd home finished and filled with another family and children. God’s divine vision has been a gift to us as we work towards making the 3rd home a reality.

Will you join us? Will you give generously to the kingdom work that God is doing at La Providencia?

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Remaining faithful, certain, and hopeful,

Douglas Barahona

National Director, La Providencia

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