Think Orphan

A Global Conversation

The Think Orphan podcast is hosted by Brandon Stiver, Director of Programs and Partnerships for 1MILLIONHOME, and Philip Darke, President of Providence World.

Each week, they discuss the difficult issues and hot topics involved in the global orphan crisis with leading voices from around the world, such as Jedd Medefind, Russell Moore, Caroline Leaf, Curt Thompson, Gabe Lyons, and Peter Greer. From poverty alleviation and family strengthening, to best practices in caring for orphaned and abandoned children, to human trafficking and mentoring, Brandon and Phil help you navigate the issues that affect millions of children and families all over the world.

About Brandon Stiver

Brandon has worked in global child welfare for over ten years and is currently the Director of Programs and Partnerships at 1MILLIONHOME. Before joining 1MILLIONHOME, he led a family based care and advocacy program in Tanzania for several years. Brandon has also worked at a Tanzanian orphanage, in the Californian foster care system and teaches on issues facing at risk children at the university level. He has his Master’s in Global Development and Justice from Multnomah University and is passionate about indigenous leadership, community mobilization and seeing global entities come together to deliver the best care for at risk children. He, and his wife Melissa, live with their four children in Tacoma, WA.

About Phil Darke

Phil, his wife Becca, and their five children, live in Folsom, CA. Phil received his Juris Doctor Degree from Vanderbilt University School of Law and his B.A. Degree in Rhetoric and Communications from U.C. Davis. Before coming on-board with Providence as Research & Development Director in October 2008, Phil worked as an attorney with different firms in Sacramento, CA, and Atlanta, GA, and as a clerk for a federal judge in Honolulu, HI. In 2014, Phil co-authored In Pursuit of Orphan Excellence and has been the co-host of the Think Orphan Podcast since its inception in 2016.