Who We Serve


There are over 220,000 orphans and at-risk, vulnerable children in Honduras. This devastating number alone conveys the tremendous need for love and care for these beautiful children of God. Unfortunately, that is just the beginning. Absent loving families, education, nutrition, and other necessary care, most of these children, and many other at-risk children in similar situations will end up involved with the drug trade, prostitution, gang activity, and other self-destructive behavior because it is all they know and they think that it is what they have to do to survive. The vast majority of orphans tragically live out their lives on the streets, without a mommy, daddy, or anything else resembling a family.

It is our prayer that La Providencia will serve as a hope for some of these children, where they can receive the family, love, care, education, medical care, and encouragement that every child needs. Not only do we expect to love and care for these children, but we know that they will be integral parts of their families, graduate from high school and college, and be leaders in Honduran society who continue to live out James 1:27 as adults with their own families. By loving and caring for the fatherless, oppressed, sick, and poor today, we pray that renewal and revival of Honduras will happen tomorrow.

And by acting as a model for thousands of other orphanages around the world, we expect that La Providencia will inspire and equip others to bring the same love and care to millions of other orphans and at-risk children throughout the world.

Community Children

In addition to the orphans, La Providencia will serve 96 children from the local Aguas del Padre community, who are in need of proper nutrition, medical care, and education. The vast majority of these children suffer from the effects of extreme poverty, such as poor health, malnourishment, and neglect. Prior to entering school at age 4, the children will be properly nourished in our community feeding program for 6-8 weeks to ensure that their bodies and minds will be ready for Academia La Providencia. Once these children are of school age, they will receive a top-caliber education at Academia La Providencia, as well as continuing nourishment and medical care at La Providencia.


In the future, after we build our widows’ home, we also will serve the widows over the age of 60 in the community who have no family to care for and love them. Again, this is living out the call set forth in scripture to love the orphans and widows. These women, who will be chosen based on their need, character, and love for the Lord, will live together in a widows’ home at La Providencia, and will also serve as grandmothers for the children.

The Uneducated Community

The workers from the Aguas del Padre community have been chosen because of their skill level as well as their character and desire to serve God. Many of them, however, lack a complete education, as most of them have dropped out of school as early as the first grade. As a result, we are working to develop an adult education program for our local community that hopefully will substantially raise the education level of our neighbors and subsequently raise up the productivity of the neighborhood. Additionally, at least 50% of our students at Academia La Providencia are from the local community.


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