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La Providencia Staff

Douglas Barahona

La Providencia National Director

portrait of Douglas Barahona

Douglas has worked with La Providencia since 2004. Prior to transitioning into the position of National Director of La Providencia, Douglas served La Providencia as Director of Logistics. Douglas has a university degree in Business and Banking. Douglas and his wife Karla, have one son, Andres.

Henry Arana

La Providencia Administrator

portrait of Henry Arana

Henry started working in 2011 as La Providencia’s Administrator and has been a great asset to the ministry. Henry recently completed a degree in Business. Through his education, work, and personal life, Henry is a great role model for his family and staff. Henry is married with two beautiful girls, one of whom attends Academia La Providencia.

Deivyd Cardona

La Providencia Assistant Administrator

portrait of Deivyd Cardona

Deivyd, who has worked at La Providencia since 2010, assists the Administrator in all respects. He graduated from high school with an emphasis on business.

Josue Martinez

Construction Foreman/Maintenance

portrait of Josue Martinez

Josue started with the construction staff at La Providencia in 2004 and now is foreman of the construction projects. He also does maintenance work at La Providencia, and builds many relationships with summer teams through construction projects.

Reina Garcia

Director of Hospitality

portrait of Reina Garcia

Reina assists with everything possible at the clinic to make it a hospitable and welcoming community. She is a constant winner of the Employee of the Year (including 2011) for her hard work, work ethic, and humility. Reina has worked at La Providencia since 2007.

Calixto Alvarez


portrait of Calixto Alvarez

Calixto has been at La Providencia since 2010 and is one of the drivers for the community.

Tomas Martinez

Director of Warehouse and Maintenance

portrait of Tomas Martinez

Tomas is in charge of the warehouse and maintenance at La Providencia, and has been with La Providencia since 2004.

Dra. Bertha Turcios

Director of John Eaves Medical Clinic

portrait of Bertha Turcios

Dra. Turcios has worked at La Providencia since 2007 and is the Director of the John Eaves Medical Clinic. She coordinates all medical and dental work at the clinic, including the medical/surgical teams coming from the United States and other areas of the world.

Academia La Providencia Faculty

Luz Maricela Garcia Hernandez

School Director

portrait of Luz Maricela Garcia Hernandez

Luz has been a part of the school since it began in 2009, and is one of our Spanish teachers.  She is currently continuing her studies, part time, at the National University of Honduras.

Katharine Marrow

Academic Director

portrait of Katharine Marrow

Katharine is from England. Since graduating from Oxford in 1999 with her teaching degree, she has taught and lived in both England and Uganda before being called to Honduras in 2007.

Ana Gabriela Aguilar

Spanish Teacher

portrait of Ana Gabriela Aguilar

Gaby joined Academia La Providencia in 2011 as one of our Spanish teachers.  She is currently continuing her studies part time at the National University of Honduras.

Scott Benedict

English Teacher

Scott was born in Bangladesh where his parents served as missionaries, but later their family settled in Florida. Before coming to La Providencia as an English teacher in January of 2015, Scott served as a student ministries pastor, behavioral counselor, teacher, coach and missionary. Scott and his wife Stephanie have two children, Zack and Ally.

Lorena Gonzales

Pre-school English teacher

portrait of Lorena Gonzalez

Lorena joined Academia La Providencia in 2009. Lorena qualified as a Bilingual Secretary and plans to start studying at the National University of Honduras in 2013.


The Salgados

A portrait of the Salgado family

The Salgados have been married for 18 years. They are involved in various ministries of their church, such as AWANA, child care, and teaching in Sunday School. They love well and are amazing parents to the children that God has placed under their care.

The Amayas

A portrait of the Amaya family

The Amayas grew up in a rural Area of Siguatepeque, in the village where La Providencia is located. They have been married for 5 years and have a passion and love for their children. They have been involved in their church since they were young, and currently serve as Sunday School teachers in their church.