Mission Teams

“People are the reason we do what we do and it’s the moments with others that can truly change your lives.”

Some of the things your team will be able to do:
Work projects

Would include construction items such as laying concrete for the ambulance pad, building a culvert for drainage, landscaping for the family homes, creating a playground or soccer field, constructing a security gate or improving the roads.

Community Teaching

Using your unique skill to teach those at LP and in the community a particular new skill. Some of these skills have become small business opportunities and even include sustainable ways to generate funds for the school!

Community Programs

Help with a VBS program or soccer clinic with kids from La Providencia and in the community. These opportunities build incredible relationships within the area and offer opportunities to reach others with the Gospel!

Art & Music Classes

The children love the opportunity to learn about art and music in ways that would otherwise not be available.

Medical Services

Pediatricians, general care doctors, and nurses can provide a great blessing to the community by providing basic care services.

Community Meals

Gathering with the local community to serve, share, and of course, eat!


Trips to La Providencia are very reasonable and make it more accessible than you may have realized. Once you touch down in Honduras, we’ll have everything covered. So all you’ll need to do is arrange your flights and we’ll take it from there!!

Please contact us today if you have any questions regarding trips to La Providencia. We are grateful for your interest and look forward to partnering with you in this great ministry to change the way orphans and widows are cared for around the world.

Since we value relationship so highly, we want to assure you that all trips start right there‚ interactions with the people of La Providencia. You’ll have the opportunity with your family, home fellowship, or church group to build encouraging relationships with the La Providencia children, families, and staff, as well as the surrounding community. Since each group is different and made up of a unique range of talents, abilities and ages, we prefer to tailor the trip to fit your team.


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