Medical Clinic

The medical center is of great importance, as many of the orphans will have conditions needing medical attention and many others will be malnourished or suffering from physical disabilities. The center is staffed by a doctor/administrator. We hope to install fiber optic lines and technology that will allow doctors from all over the world to oversee certain operations and communicate with our doctors during surgeries.

The clinic is approximately 12,000 square feet and includes a boys’ and girls’ ward with 12 beds each, an emergency room, an operating room, three exam rooms, an ultrasound room, an x-ray room, a pharmacy, a doctor’s break room, a waiting room, a research lab, and two interior gardens.


The warehouse includes 6 rooms, a set of bathrooms complete with showers, and a breezeway with a pit that allows for easy maintenance of vehicles. It is our hope that one day these rooms will be used for wood shop, metal shop, and other similar training for the children. If any of the homes ever need a new chair or their stove malfunctions, they can just place an order at the warehouse for someone to repair their needs. This will reduce expenses and provide more jobs for local Hondurans.

Dining Hall/Multipurpose Building

This building is used for community events and programs, and doubles as the dining hall for the school while it is in session. It holds approximately 233 people for dining and is about 20,000 square feet. The building also has a stage area so that it can be easily transformed into a room that can be used for conferences, guest speakers, and special presentations.

When needed, we also transform the dining hall into a recreational area so that the kids will be able to stay active during the rainy season.


Academia La Providencia, currently educating pre-K through 8th grade, will eventually be a pre-K through 12 school. It is our hope that the children will come out of this school well-rounded with knowledge in many different areas. We want the school to provide the children both with “book knowledge” and with the insight to thrive in many different situations.

Family Homes

Each home holds up to 8 orphaned children and their parents. There are 2 children per room and 4 children per bathroom for a total of 5 rooms and 3 bathrooms. Each home also includes a kitchen, family room, living room, dining room, and screened in porch.

Widows’ Home

As designed, the widows’ home will hold 20 widows, will have 10 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, and will contain all the basic living necessities for the women.


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