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We are embroiled in a crisis surrounding millions of orphaned and at-risk children.  Families are being torn apart daily through a wide variety of tragic events, including, among other things, accidental deaths, natural disasters, wars, terrorism, gang violence, drugs, poverty, and sex-trafficking.  While there are programs in place to help these children in their distress, the vast majority of them simply provide for the children’s physical needs (food, clothing and shelter) and do not lead to lives fully restored in the absence of biological families.  For these children to thrive, they need to experience the full measure of God’s love – they need to be cared for with excellence.

Given this reality, what does gospel-driven excellence look like when we care for orphaned and at-risk children?  In 2014, through the book project, In Pursuit of Orphan Excellence, Providence World framed a conversation around this critical question through a collaborative effort involving fifteen authors from orphan care organizations around the world.  Using our incubator model in Honduras, La Providencia, and other successful models in other parts of the world, In Pursuit established a framework to inspire and equip others to understand what excellent, best-practice orphan care looks like in situations where kinship care, legal adoption, quality foster care, or reunification with biological family is not possible, feasible, or likely to occur.  As we launched the book and began having deeper, global conversations about what excellence looks like in caring for orphaned children, it brought to the table an oft-neglected component of orphan care – the preventive measures such as poverty alleviation, community development, family strengthening, and discipleship.

Since then, we have not only been committed to growing La Providencia using these principles of excellence, but also have expanded the global conversation to better understand the full context of the global orphan crisis.  One initiative we have used to accomplish this is the Think Orphan Podcast, which launched in May 2016.  The podcast, hosted by our President, Phil Darke, brings in leading voices from around the world to navigate the full-spectrum of difficult issues that affect millions of children and families, from poverty alleviation and family strengthening to best practices in caring for orphaned and abandoned children to anti-trafficking work and mentoring.  We are also in the process of creating another collaborative book to cover the interconnectedness of these issues and how we can work together to engage them more effectively.

Importantly, these initiatives are not meant to work in a vacuum.  To effectively reduce the number of orphaned and vulnerable children worldwide and provide the children with the necessary care, we need a network of churches and organizations committed to work together with the best practices discussed in our books and podcast.  To do this, Providence World has set out on a mission of inspiring and equipping others to love orphaned and at-risk children and their families with excellence.  Knowing that excellence does not result from occasional and unstructured activities, but rather through repeated and disciplined thoughts and actions, it is essential for organizations that truly desire to make a difference to be committed to growing their processes from good, to better, to best.

Why Providence World:  Our Disciplined Approach

Providence World has a record of accomplishment for growing a model of excellence at La Providencia and leading the collaborative global conversation through In Pursuit of Orphan Excellence and our Think Orphan podcast.  Our vision is to be a leader of collaboration in preventing and restoring orphaned and at-risk children and their families and communities through the implementation of best practices.  One way we are doing this is by equipping others to implement the In Pursuit best practice framework for orphan care communities, which includes the following nine tenets: Family, Community Integration, Education, Nutrition, Medical/Dental Care, Psychosocial Care, National Leadership, Self-Sustainability, and Spiritual Formation.  Our vision is founded upon our values of:

  • Excellence: Helping others flourish in making good things great
  • Collaboration: Facilitating worldwide cooperative working relationships
  • Integrity: Connecting preventive and corrective initiatives for a full-spectrum solution

As challenges escalate, the need for teamwork elevates.  Knowing that one organization is too small to combat the global orphan crisis, our partnership with churches and organizations are designed to inspire and equip your team as we collectively work to love the children we aim to serve better and better every day.  Since organizations develop daily, not in a day, growth is a process, not an event. Our development framework is structured around the following focus areas:

  • Awareness: Truly understanding the context of the problem
  • Cultivation: Developing individuals and teams in disciplined thought and actions
  • Transformation: Changing behaviors and outcomes for lasting, positive change

Through Awareness, Cultivation & Transformation (ACT), we assist organizations in:

  • Education: Providing training to understand the root causes of the global orphan crisis, with specific focus on issues affecting the areas you serve, both locally and globally.
  • Mission & Vision Planning: Identifying what makes your organization unique in the work you do to serve, develop/refine your mission and vision around your strengths, and provide guidance on how to effectively communicate your strategy of providing long-term focus for all organizational team members and stakeholders.
  • Personality Profiles: Providing DISC personality assessments and training for ministry leaders and staff to enhance understanding of themselves and others and best adapt their communication style for maximum effectiveness when working with others.
  • Discipleship: Utilizing personality assessment results to guide organizations in helping leaders/staff serve from their divinely designed strengths and gifts in order to better define functional responsibilities, maximize team effectiveness, minimize burnout, and best achieve success through their mission and vision.
  • Principles of Excellence: Train and equip ministries in understanding and implementing state-of-the-art holistic best practices in prevention and restoration of orphaned and at-risk children.
  • Collaboration: Provide training on connecting principles & practices for better engagement and cooperation, both internally and externally, to maximize mission and vision effectiveness as you serve alongside other organizations combating the global orphan crisis.

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