Dear Providence family,

I am extremely excited to share with you the news that has happened over the past two weeks. For those who are just learning about our goal to build a third home here in Honduras, here are the first two updates to help provide the full picture of our work.

April Update: Read it here!
May Update: Read it here!

This past May we had some new partners visit La Providencia to learn more about our orphan care model and to better understand how they can serve God by caring for the orphans and at-risk children all over the world. As they spent more time with us they came to fully understand the great work God is doing through us here.

Because of this they were compelled to be a part of this work too, and have agreed to help us build a home for the orphans in our community. They emphasized that while they are very excited to partner with us in constructing a home, they still want our community (both here in Honduras and all of you reading this around the world) to fully participate in funding this campaign.


They are beyond excited for what God is doing at La Providencia! Their excitement is so great that, like I said before, they have agreed to build a home. Instead of just funding the 3rd home, they have agreed, that if our community can raise the funds needed to build the 3rd home, they will fund the entire cost of building a 4th home! They generously will also cover the operational expenses of this home for the first two years!

If we can secure the remaining $67,000 needed to build our 3rd home by September 30, 2015 we will receive 100% of the funds needed to build a 4th home!

My friends, are you clapping your hands or shouting, thank you Jesus! as you read this? This is extraordinary news for us to hear! This not only increases our ability to serve the children who need it most, but also gives us a powerful testimony to share with the many in our community who don’t know Jesus, “Look at what God is doing. See how great he is?”

Will you join me and the community here in Honduras in bringing hope and restoration to the children who need it most? Would you please give your gifts generously to help us build our 3rd home? We have an amazing opportunity to more than double every dollar you give. Please share this news with as many people as you can and help us reach our goal by September 30th.

Click here to be a part of the work God is doing at La Providencia in Honduras.

Building into our children’s future with you,

Douglas Barahona

National Director, La Providencia

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