“There can be no argument that proper nutrition and access to healthcare are necessary for the healthy physical and emotional development of all children.”

—Julie Gilbert Rosicky 

Every child needs proper nutrition to fully develop his or her brain and body as well as to thrive in society as a child and, eventually, as an adult. Unfortunately, most orphaned children living on the streets or in institutions are malnourished, which leads to many other physical and mental issues in their lives. Much of the brain development occurs before the age of two, so if a child is not properly nourished during that critical 24-month period, his or her brain simply will not be able to develop properly. And it is not possible to completely make up that development with proper nutrition later in life.

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In an effort to avoid these tragic consequences, we are researching proper nutrition for under- and malnourished children around the world, developing a framework to provide them with proper nutrition at as early an age as possible until they reach adulthood.


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