Medical and Dental

“For vulnerable children, the need for immediate access to healthcare is of the highest importance. If a child has suffered abuse or neglect, medical and psychological resources must be made available to her as quickly as possible.”

—Julie Gilbert Rosicky

Before they become part of a family, most orphans’ medical and dental needs are completely neglected. In addition, virtually all orphans lack the necessary attachment and bonding with a committed caregiver, whether they are in institutions or on the streets. This lack of attachment is detrimental to their development. As a result, orphans typically need a lot of medical, dental, and psychological attention when they arrive into a family after spending time in an institution or on the street. Often they suffer greatly because of conditions that could be easily dealt with by simple medical or dental treatment.

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One thing is certain – Without proper attachment along with medical, dental, and psychological care, no child will be able to fully develop his or her brains, bodies, or skills and talents. We are researching the myriad of issues affecting orphans and working with medical experts and practitioners to make sure that no child lacks such treatment. We are working to develop a framework that can be used by orphan care providers around the world to ensure that every child is not robbed of his or her opportunity to develop because of substandard medical or dental care.


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