It doesn’t take much to recognize that children need education to thrive and be leaders in their society. As a result, we’re conducting extensive research on education and working with educators (teachers and administrators) who have hundreds of years of cumulative experience to determine best practices for educating former orphans and other at-risk children.

Click here to visit our La Providencia Education page and read about how Academia La Providencia is working towards the goal of developing former orphans and children from an at-risk community into gospel-driven, societal leaders through the power of excellent education.

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With these children, it’s not as simple as imitating the “best” schools in the at-risk community’s respective country. Among other things, a major part of a child’s education is parental involvement, and children without educated parents need specialized teaching styles as well as other techniques to draw out their God-given potential. When children lack educated parents, it is very difficult for them to reach higher levels of education, either because their parents are unable to help them at home or because their parents often discourage their education, since they don’t value education themselves or simply need their children to help earn money for the family. Recognizing these realities, we are also working on a framework for adult education that can be used around the world in conjunction with the children’s schooling, giving them the greatest chance of long-term success.


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