The Framework

Providence is in the process of honing a framework that tracks the universal, common threads of best practices for orphan care communities, which cross cultural, societal, and all other boundaries. This framework is the result of extensive research, collaboration with other excellent orphan care providers and universities, years of experience with our incubator model orphan care community in Honduras, La Providencia, and visits to other orphan care programs and orphanages around the world. Making up the framework are the following eight essential prongs:

  • Family
  • Education
  • Medical Care
  • Nutrition
  • Community Integration
  • Self-sustainability
  • National Leadership
  • Spiritual Formation

Each of these prongs must be strategically implemented with excellence and utmost quality into any orphan care community that strives to fully develop its children and further best practices.

Through this framework and the development of La Providencia, we are working diligently to shift the paradigm of orphan care from one where they are viewed as a waste of resources to one where they are cared for as your kids and my kids are — as investments who can be anything God created them to be. From a paradigm where the kids get our leftovers, at best, to one where they actually get the best with the expectation that they will become Gospel-driven, societal leaders.

We are in the process of writing a collaborative book project framing a conversation amongst orphan care advocates to further develop this best practice framework. If you are interested in working with us on the project, please contact Phil Darke at


We’re collaborating with other orphan care providers to bring some certainty to the conversation surrounding the concept of “family.” We’re seeking to determine what every orphaned child needs when it comes to a family.

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We’re conducting extensive research on education and working with educators who have hundreds of years of cumulative experience to determine best practices for educating former orphaned and other at-risk children.

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Medical & Dental

We are working to develop a framework that can be used by orphan care providers around the world to ensure that every child is not robbed of his or her opportunity to develop because of substandard medical or dental care.

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We are researching proper nutrition for undernourished and malnourished children around the world, developing a framework to provide them with proper nutrition at as early an age as possible until they reach adulthood.

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Community Integration

We’re working to develop a framework for orphan care providers to use to ensure that their children are fully integrated into their local community through relationship-building and service opportunities.

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National Leadership

We’re developing profiles for national leadership as a critical aspect to any best practice solution surrounding issues in the developing world.

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Self Sustainability

We’re working on models for economic self-sustainability as a necessary component to any organization’s or program’s long-term success.

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Spiritual Formation

We’re working with leaders in our community and around the world to develop spiritual disciplines and practices that will raise up gospel-driven leaders from the orphan class.

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