Building Into Our Children’s Future

Dear Providence family,

Over the last ten years, I have been blessed to serve with La Providencia in different positions, currently as its National Director, and I have seen God do marvelous works in this community. I write to you today to share the exciting news that we are starting to build another marvelous work of God at La Providencia: Family Home #3. And I want to invite you to be an integral part of its construction.

Building and filling our first two homes has been one of the most impactful things we’ve been able to do since this ministry started. Not only have we created a family-based orphan care community with two incredible families where our children receive love and learn about the hope of the gospel and God’s abundant love, but we’ve also been laying the framework to help others around the world to transition from an orphanage to a family-based community of care.

Our goal since the beginning of La Providencia has been to fill La Providencia with homes for the orphans and widows in our community. And that is why we are so excited that the time has come to begin building our Family Home #3 here at La Providencia.


The first stone was laid by the fathers of the 2 current homes


Our goal is to have our third home filled with another family by January 2016.

People from all over the world are already praying and giving financially to see this hope become a reality. I want to give you the opportunity to join them and me on this adventure by praying and giving generously so that we together can ensure that the third home is filled just seven short months from now. We need $75,000 to cover all the expenses required to build this home.

Friends, will you join us by giving generously to this project to help us reach this goal?


The site of the third home

We know some of you have been waiting to give to this project for quite some time. Others of you are feeling prompted to give as you read the words in this letter.

Gifts of $25, $100, $1,000, or any other amount will help us move closer to providing a home and family to more orphaned children here in Honduras. Whether you can give one time or you’d like to give monthly over the next year, we need your support and want you to be a part of this important project.

Your gifts also will enable us to include the community in the construction of this home. Not only will be employing some of them as well as buying supplies from local businesses, but we also will be able to share about this work that our God is doing. Every time a new building goes up at La Providencia, it is a powerful example for the community that God is at work and loves this community deeply

Will you join us in growing our family? We ask that you don’t hesitate because we’re ready to start the work.

Click here to be a part of the work God is doing at La Providencia in Honduras.

Building into our children’s future with you,

Douglas Barahona

National Director, La Providencia

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