Family Partnership

Join a family partnership program that empowers adoptive families in Honduras

In accordance with our mission to deliver excellence in adoptive family care to La Providencia’s families, we are transitioning away from individual child sponsorship and towards holistic family partnership. This model allows our supporters to see the depth of commitment and strength La Providencia’s adoptive moms and dads bring to their children.

For a family to be strong we believe it needs dignity, unity and safety. Our family partnership model seeks to promote these values by setting up adoptive moms and dads to be heroes in their children’s eyes. Every parent longs to see their kids look at them with love, respect, and pride. By uniting with the whole family, we emphasize the leadership of parents in providing with dignity, creating unity, and modeling a safe environment. Our model allows moms and dads to be the focus of their children’s admiration and respect.

To support adoptive families, our family partnership program enables parents to more effectively address the many challenges created through adoption. Many adopted children have been intensely impacted by their prior experiences. The adoption process, the addition of new members to the family and the on-going care of adopted children can place incredible strain on a family’s finances. Moms and dads can lean heavily on therapy, counseling, and community support to address the mental and emotional needs of the entire family. Expanding a family can also cause physical and logistical challenges, such as buying a larger home or vehicle, altering homes and vehicles to accommodate disabilities, and hiring additional nannies and tutors to address behavioral or learning disabilities.

These additional challenges require moms and dads to repeatedly go above and beyond to provide for their families, and La Providencia’s parents are no exception. In addition to the income they receive from their careers, our program supplements the additional resources needed to support their adopted children and create a holistically healthy family environment.

The moms and dads of La Providencia are consistently selfless, incredibly patient, and immeasurably strong. They are so passionate about orphaned children, they’ve chosen to raise 8 children as their own. It is our great honor to come alongside them as they struggle daily to bring healing, acceptance and shalom to their children. Through the family partnership model, we are inviting you to join us in abiding in dignity, unity and safety with these inspiring families.

How is our program different?

We recognize that our family model excludes some of the most attractive practices of traditional child sponsorship, including a two-way communication channel between sponsor and child and the ability for sponsors to choose the child they wish to support. We have chosen alternatives to these practices because we do not believe them to be excellence-driven in creating sustainable change in the lives of children, families or communities. Our model recognizes that the success of a child is dependent on the success of his or her family. In order to support dignity, unity and safety in adoptive families, we have deferred to the authority of the parents to determine if and how their children are allowed to communicate with sponsors. Parents are asked to provide four family updates a year and may choose the content of that update and any adjoining information, such as pictures.

Additionally, our family partnership model directs the funds of sponsors to the greatest area of need. We believe our support partners have chosen to donate to Providence and La Providencia because they have confidence in our mission and trust our methods. With this practice we ask our partners to, once again, have faith in the ability of our staff to discern, through prayer, the most valuable use of a sponsor’s money. To effectively love and strengthen adoptive families we believe these two practices – placing communication under the authority of the parents and directing funds to the family’s area of most need – are vital pieces of the family partnership program.

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