Values-Based Leadership

Values-Based leadership (VBL) is a philosophy and practice that inspires and equips team members by connecting their core values with organizational goals.  It is an approach that drives organizational outcomes by energizing and uniting people in a way that results in complete team alignment around an organization’s mission and values.  Organizations that cultivate a values-based approach to leadership establish internal and external relationships that have a significant impact on organizational goals and objectives.

The VBL approach focuses on building awareness, realizing potential, developing relationships, taking action, and reflecting on individual actions.  The approach is valuable at the individual level, since it allows individuals to find ideal environments for them to be successful.  However, when practiced at the organization level, we see organizations clarify their culture by engaging everyone and enabling them to all act as leaders.  VBL aligns the actions of every team member and allows the organization to move in one direction.  The ultimate goal of VBL is to ensure every team member reaches their individual potential, thereby allowing the organization to achieve maximum mission impact.