DISC Model of Human Behavior

DISC is the language of human behavior.  It groups behavior traits into four different quadrants or types – this information helps us understand how we act and interact with others.  Everyone is a unique blend of all four types, which when combined makes their personality style.  The DISC model helps people understand behavior patterns, first by helping them understand their own tendencies, and then by observing the patterns of others – the result is growth in how teams interact with each other and work together towards common goals. 

On average, people have only about a 40% chance of their personality styles naturally fitting together – this means that without training, people are most likely to have challenges when relating to and working with one another.  Given organizational success centers around effective communication, it is paramount teams learn to better understand themselves and those around them for maximized relationships, interactions, and team dynamics.

Through the use of DISC personality profile assessments, we:

    • Provide insights into each team member’s strengths, motivators, and behaviors
    • Demonstrate how different personality styles influence perspectives
    • Help teams uncover areas of limited understanding (blind spots)
    • Develop strategies that increase productivity through better communications
    • Enhance each member’s personal effectiveness, strength and balance, and ability to flourish as part of the team