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Providence World serves alongside other organizations working with orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC) by training their teams in the areas of leadership, organizational development, and collaborative best-practices. We utilize our years of leadership & organizational development experience coupled with years of experience leading the La Providencia best practice, family-based community of care model in Honduras to equip and empower these organizations to move from good, to better, to best.  Our program, which is developed by our exclusive training partner 21st Century Leadership Skills, is designed to help teams effectively address challenges and achieve their mission objectives through principles of enhanced communications and values-based leadership.  This results in their transformed ability to provide excellence-driven, comprehensive care to the children, families and communities they exist to serve.

We are fully committed to equipping partner OVC organizations by training teams to address challenges and achieve their organizational visions.  In Sept 2019, we transitioned to full-time focus on equipping teams working with orphaned and at-risk children in the areas of leadership, organizational development, and collaborative best practices.  Over the past 5 months, we’ve been working to build a comprehensive equipping curriculum that centers team development around the DISC Model of Human Behavior and time-tested Values-Based Leadership principles.  Our full training curriculum is being built using 10-week lesson modules, all based around the concept of space-repetition to ensure full comprehension that results in actual long-term transformation, for both the individual and organization.  In total, our training program will consist of three 10-week training modules with the first Module 1 training class scheduled in late Spring.  Our existing DISC training program materials are being incorporated into the values-based training to ensure a full-spectrum training solution.

Our training prepares individuals to lead, regardless of their position within the organization.  This servant leadership approach is uniquely designed to equip teams with the skills necessary to add value to the children, families, and communities they serve while also contributing to the collective and collaborative effort to achieve a world without orphans.

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