Our Approach

As challenges escalate, the need for teamwork elevates. Transformational change only occurs when somebody takes the time to invest in individuals and organizations by providing them with training solutions that ensure positive and measurable results.  Knowing that one organization is too small to combat the global crisis surrounding orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC), our partnerships with churches and organizations are designed to inspire and equip teams to achieve excellence as we collectively work to love the world’s OVC better and better every day.

Since organizations develop daily, not in a day, we know that growth is a process, not an event. Knowing that it takes about 66 days of repetitive behavior to form a habit, it is extremely important that training programs actually transform the way teams perform, not just motivate them for a short period of time. Individuals must experience the life-changing skills needed to be more engaged, effective, and productive.

For teams to truly grow, they must understand it’s not just about how much they know. Instead, they must learn how each team member is internally driven and communicates differently. We are fully committed to helping teams serving OVC grow in their ability to achieve the mission impact they desire by equipping them in communications and collaborative best practices, and the practical ways to implement the In Pursuit best practice framework.