Introducing: We Are Providence

Dear Providence Family,

As a staff, we constantly remind ourselves of our mission; to inspire and equip others to love orphans as God loves them. To not only bring orphaned children into our own La Providencia families, but to come alongside of those who serve orphans around the world.

This is a big vision. Maybe even a delusional vision… But, We Are Providence!

God saw it fit to forge together a family of like-minded followers, people deeply impressed with His call to look after orphans and widows in their distress. And since then, God has done incredible things in us and through us.


Today we are launching We Are Providence, our 2016 year-end campaign. A campaign bringing together the entire Providence family to love, with excellence, even more orphaned children around the world.

The goal for this campaign is to invest $250,000 in the expansion of our best-practice orphan care model by funding specific areas of our ministry; the expansion of our school, Academia La Providencia, increasing our farming operation and production, bringing more children into our LP homes, and sharing our best practice know-how through our ThinkOrphan global resource project.

We simply can’t do this without you. Will you help us reach our $250,000 goal with your gift? Sending in your gift will only take about 2 minutes out of your day, but your impact will last a lifetime.  



The La Providencia staff wanted to come up with a fun way to encourage all of you to run this race with us. 

As part of the We Are Providence campaign, 12 members of our LP staff will run the very first annual Clinic2Cross relay challenge. On November 8th, the team will run starting at our clinic, up to the cross and back. This will be a hard, uphill, humid, and fat shredding challenge, so they need a bit of a push in the back.

For each $250 they raise for the We Are Providence campaign, one team member will run to the cross and back. If they reach their goal of $15,000, 12 members will have to run 5 laps!

You think they can’t make it? Donate, and they’ll prove you wrong. Challenge them here!

Thank you for faithfulness, your vision, and for being part of the Providence family.


Paul Blackmon

Director of Strategic Development


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Nashville, TN 37205-0413

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