When Our Children Paint A Picture

Dear Providence Family, Two weeks ago, I shared the amazing opportunity to not only build a 3rd home at La Providencia, but the possibility, thanks to our new partners, to build a 4th! You can get all the details here on our goal to build two more homes. I can say with great appreciation that several of you have responded…

Our overwhelming need for family

  “Father to the fatherless, defender of widows— this is God, whose dwelling is holy. God places the lonely in families.” Psalm 68:5 “Without close and nurturing contact from another human being, it becomes physically impossible for youngsters to develop optimally healthy bodies and minds.” Karyn Purvis, Ph.D., The Connected Child A couple weeks ago, we introduced you to the framework…

In pursuit of orphan excellence – Part 2

In pursuit of orphan excellence – Part 2

Ever since our Providence team and collaborators announced we are writing a book on best practices and excellence in orphan care communities, people have asked us, “OK, but what is the book really about?”  In response to those inquiries, today’s post gives you a peek inside our “brain” as to our collective intent and the purposes we hope to fulfill through…

What’s so great about collaboration?

I am extremely excited to be working on a book project on excellence and best practices in orphan care communities with a broad range of organizations and individuals with experience and expertise in the area. We are working together to provide a framework covering how to best care for orphans and vulnerable children when the ideal solution of a permanent,…

Speaking the Same Language – Day 6 in Uganda

Don’t you love it when you meet people who “speak your same language” and “use your same dictionary?”  I know that is how I have felt about New Hope ever since I arrived here on Monday because our minds track with each other in so many ways and on so many levels.  It is so exciting to meet a true…


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