Dear Providence family,

Two weeks ago we launched the Providence Innovation 2016 campaign. An ambitious fundraising and awareness effort to sustain our current and projected growth. A movement of orphan advocates improving the quality of orphan care, not only at La Providencia, but inspiring and equipping others around the world to do the same.
Our call to love and care for orphans is clear, our vision is compelling, and our impact, as most of you have seen with your own eyes, is very real.

So imagine with me what could happen, if in a matter of weeks, thousands more would see the work God is doing in us, and through us? What if thousands more would read about how the lives of orphans and advocates have been changed? What if thousands more would be inspired to pursue orphan excellence?

I invite you to join me today, and find out.

Check out this short video that explains exactly how.


We are looking for 100 volunteers who in the next few weeks are willing to spend a few minutes a day advocating on behalf of orphaned children. Additionally, we are looking for a few small groups or youth groups to get involved as well.

If this is you, or you know of someone who would be willing, please reply to this email and we’ll send you a few details on how to get started.

Will you help us reach our goal?

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