See for yourself! The Global Reach of Providence.

For over twelve years now, Providence is relentlessly advocating for raising standards of excellence in how we care for orphaned and vulnerable children around the world. Through our own orphan care community at La Providenica, we seek to inspire and equip others to love orphaned children as God does by developing and implementing best practices.

We are convinced that sharing our research, our victories, and mistakes, and collaborating with those caring for orphaned children can dramatically improve the quality of care children receive anywhere in the world.


Providence Global Reach in Green

Last year, out of this commitment to orphan excellence, we reached out to you with our Innovation 2016 campaign. We shared a bold vision for expanding our global reach, and asked for you to partner with us in our work as thought leaders in the global orphan care movement. Here’s a brief glimpse of your investment at work.

In April of this year, we launched our weekly ThinkOrphan podcast. Our hope for this internet broadcast was to facilitate meaningful conversation with orphan care experts from around the world, offering listeners an invaluable resource for their own pursuit of orphan excellence in their respective ministries.



Our first season of 20 episodes featured a diverse line-up of expert guests, which resulted in a series of profoundly inspiring interviews and conversations.We knew we had created an orphan care resource like no other. What we didn’t know was how far our voice would carry.

Since the launch of our first season, our podcast has been listened to in 48 countries! From Myanmar to the Ukraine. From Chile to Latvia. People from all over the world have reached out to us, thanking us for making available such a much needed resource.

Brandon – Tanzania

“’I’ve really been blessed by the podcasts that you guys have been producing. I try to stay up to date with what God’s doing in orphan care and your podcast has really helped me. All your guests have been enlightening, you’ve brought in people that I’ve already heard or read and others that I’m learning of for the first time. Fantastic work, keep it up.”

Mary – USA

“Just finished the Todd G. Back to Back episode. Wow, very thought provoking. I so wish I could sit down with him to hash out some of my questions. I’m super excited to hear Rebecca Nhep’s interview next week…”

Season 2

Today, we launched Season 2 of the ThinkOrphan podcast! Guests lined up for this season include: Josh Shipp, Jaime Ivey, Dr. Russell Moore, Billy Chondwe, and many more. Listen, be inspired, and share what God is doing through your partnership with Providence.

In Him,

Paul Blackmon

Director of Strategic Development

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