Inspiring Orphan Excellence with ThinkOrphan

God has completely blown us away with what He has done through our latest Providence initiative, the Think Orphan Podcast, in just 11 short months.

We are so excited about this podcast because it so effectively furthers our mission of inspiring and equipping others to love orphaned and at-risk children and their communities around the world, and it is contributing greatly to the global conversation of how we can improve orphan care, poverty alleviation, family strengthening, anti-trafficking work, mentoring, and our work with other issues directly affecting orphaned and at-risk children.

When we came up with the idea for Think Orphan early in 2016 and launched it in May, we weren’t sure if anyone was going to agree to be a guest or if anyone would listen after our launch. Well, incredible guests did agree to be interviewed, more than a few people listened, and we released 44 episodes in our first 2 seasons. In fact, people from 74 countries have downloaded the podcast over 23,000 times in less than a year–and more and more people are joining the conversation every month.

Our primary audience includes adoptive and foster parents, orphan care practitioners, and other missionaries in the US and abroad, but many others including pastors, missions directors, and others interested in how to care for orphaned and vulnerable children (and their communities) with excellence are regular listeners as well. The reality is that everyone in the world (yes, that includes you) can learn from our guest’s wisdom on how we can engage the pressing issues in our world with excellence.

If you haven’t already checked it out, two great episodes to start with are the Highlights Shows from Season 1 ( and Season 2 ( From there, on our website (, you can listen to the full episodes of the guests that pique your interest and capture your attention (if you’re like me, you’ll want to listen to all of them).

Last week, we launched Season 3 with a great interview with Michael Miller, who produced the documentary, Poverty, Inc., and the Poverty Cure series. We also introduced our new co-host, Karen Hutcheson, who adds so much to the show with her insights and wisdom gathered from experience as a licensed clinical psychologist, TBRI practitioner, parent of adopted and biological children, international missionary, and so many other things. You can check out her full bio on the Think Orphan website.

For those of you who have been engaging the podcast with us and praying for its impact around the world, THANK YOU!!! Keep the prayers coming — we appreciate them greatly and, not surprisingly, they are working : ). We’d also greatly appreciate it if you’d rate and review the podcast on iTunes, and share it with your friends and family freely so that we can get it out to more and more people, which will further improve the care of orphaned and vulnerable children around the world.

In Him,

Phil Darke



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