Innovating Orphan Excellence in 2016

I write to you with gratitude and excitement.

Gratitude for the relationship I’ve been able to share with you and the great work that we’ve been able to do together through Providence over the past several years.

Excitement for the future we get to create together as Christ’s co-laborers, seeking to love orphaned and vulnerable children around the world with utmost excellence.


In pursuit of that excellence, I am excited to invite you to be part of “Innovation 2016,” a movement to raise $200,000 to accomplish the works God has prepared for Providence in the year to come, at La Providencia and beyond. These great works include:

  • Publishing a collaborative orphan care Bible study curriculum for churches and groups around the world.
  • Providing comprehensive care for the new family in our 3rd home at La Providencia.
  • Sending over 120 children from the Aguas del Padre community to Academia la Providencia.
  • Increasing staffing of the John Eaves Medical Clinic to provide preventative healthcare services to the children of La Providencia and the extended community.
  • Hire 3 additional full-time teachers staff for Academia La Providencia.
  • Expanding our farming operation with staff and increased production.

As I look forward, I get especially excited because the work before us cannot possibly happen unless God is the one leading and empowering us to get it done. From building and filling the third and fourth houses at La Providencia to impacting thought leadership about orphaned and vulnerable child care around the world, I continually have to remind myself in pursuing the vision before us that everything is possible with God. And ultimately, because of that promise and my confidence that our vision is from God, I have no doubt that we are going to do some awesome, kingdom-building things through Providence in 2016 and beyond.


As we pursue this bold vision, I want to leave you with this prayer from Psalm 72 that I have for you, for myself, and for everyone seeking to love the orphaned and vulnerable as God loves them. This prayer is the same prayer that David prayed for his son, Solomon, before he took the throne. This prayer grabbed me like never before when I read it recently and I hope it strikes you similarly. Of all the things that David could have prayed, he lifted up these words to our Lord:

May he defend the cause of the poor of the people, give deliverance to the children of the needy and crush the oppressor!


With lots of love and gratitude from your brother and teammate,

Phil Darke


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