Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This time of year is very special for many families. A time where we gather together around a meal (or several meals), with family and friends. As you are reunited as family, take a quick look around the room, or across the table, and reflect for a moment on how God, in His gracious mercy, has blessed you with the gift of family.

And so, we are grateful for you too. Our family. We thank God for each one of you. We thank God for the work He is doing in you, and through you. And we thank God for your persistent and generous support.


We say that “We are Providence” because all of us have come together, as family in Christ, to love orphaned children by giving them the gift of family. Through your support, prayers, and hard work, we have been able to witness an incredible year where we were able to add another LP family for children to come home to. For this abundance we are deeply grateful.

With gratitude for your faithful partnership with us, grace to you, and peace from God our Father.

On behalf of your Honduran family,


Douglas Barahona,

National Director, La Providencia



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