Dear Providence Family,

Greetings in the name of Christ. There has been a lot of excitement at La Providencia in the last weeks as the staff, parents, and children learned that our family and friends in the United States were told about the plans to build our third family home.

It’s been six years since the first two homes were completed. There have been several times we talked and even planned of building a third home but the timing and planning did not seem right. As I reflected on these years since the first two homes were built and the building excitement among those involved with La Providencia, I was reminded of the thoughts and feelings I experienced a couple years ago as my wife and I awaited the birth of our first child.

We were anxious. We had the stress of waiting to see if he was going to be healthy. Were Karla and I going to be good parents? Could we even provide for him and protect him? We waited to have children until we thought we were ready to have them. When Andres was born we realized it was not about us being ready. While we can prepare (and we did prepare), it was about trusting God who equips and sustains us to be the parents we are called to be.

Feelings and fears similar to the ones experienced before Andres was born have returned to me as La Providencia takes steps towards building the third home. But in my worry, God has spoken to me with His reassuring words:

“Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, I will give you rest.” (Matt 11:28).

Because God is leading us, we are ready to love, care, and serve in faith those who He has already selected to move into our third home. Even though we don’t know their names or recognize their faces, we anxiously await the day they arrive.

This work, however, cannot be completed without you. We need your financial gifts to keep moving forward with the work of building the third home. A campaign like this is exciting because of the work we’ll be able to do through it, yet daunting because of the amount of money needed to make it happen.

To give you an idea of how your gift can be used to help us reach our $75,000 goal needed to build our third home, here are some scenarios showing the multiplicative effect of gifts:

  • 625 people giving only $10/month would fully fund this project
  • 500 people giving a one time gift of $150 would fully fund this project
  • 300 people giving a one time gift of $250 would fully fund this project

Will you please pray and respond to this work? Will you join me and the community here in Honduras in bringing hope and restoration to the children who need it most?

I am here to answer any questions you may have. I look forward to hearing from you.

In Christ, whom we are coheirs with,

Douglas Barahona

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