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Extended Family Adoption

It's all about RELATIONSHIP!

Become an Extended Adoptive Family for a child at La Providencia with your friends and take part in a unique and exciting adventure focused on empowering and enriching the Providence Children through strong, deep, and lifelong relationships with you.

Through visits to La Providencia to meet your child in person, regular updates, and correspondence, your group can develop a personal relationship with your child. Once the personal relationship is developed and nurtured, you will be able to effectively pray for, encourage, advise, and simply love each other as family.

Your financial investment will ensure that the Providence Children receive education, nutrition, medical care, future education and training, and families of the highest quality. Orphans come into the La Providencia community after being abandoned by or otherwise losing their families, and other children from the local community are living in levels of extreme and virtually inescapable poverty. Through your gifts and relationships, you can help lift these Providence Children out of their impoverished situations and develop them into Gospel-centered societal leaders. And you can rest easy knowing that 100% of your investment goes to your child's care.

Don't miss this amazing opportunity to invest in the life of a Providence Child. Get 5 of your friends and sign up today!

How Does it Work?

  1. You and five friends/family members commit to one Providence Child for his or her educational life through relationship, prayer, and financial support.

    • Providence Children are the children under La Providencia's care, in the family homes and the school, who are all brought into the community between the ages of 0-5.
    • Each family/individual unit becomes an Advocate Family
    • You can start an Extended Family Adoption with four Advocate Families, with the understanding that you will obtain the other two Advocate Families as soon as possible.
  2. After you gather your friends and submit an application form, we assign your group a Providence Child.

    Because the Providence Children are each unique and beautiful, and are not commodities for families to pick and choose from, Advocate Families will not view pictures and/or descriptions of specific Providence Children before committing to an Extended Family Adoption.

  3. Each Advocate Family invests $40 per month in your child's nutrition, medical care, education, in-home expenses, and college/business fund.

    • Every penny of your investment will be used for the materials, staff, and programs that directly touch your child's life, such as teachers and other educational needs, doctors and other medical needs, social workers, psychologists, food, clothing, housing, and transportation
    • 1/6 of every sponsorship dollar invested in the program will be invested for the Providence Children's college/business fund, which will help your child get a college education or start a business upon graduation from Academia La Providencia
    • If preferred, Advocate Families can make annual payments of $480 or a one-time payment of $7,680 to cover the entire sponsorship period
  4. One of your Advocate Families agrees to serve as the Lead Advocate Family and take on the following responsibilities:

    • Leads the Advocate Families through the Extended Family Adoption process with help from Providence's staff
    • Starts the relationship with your child through at least one in-person visit with your child in the first two years of the adoption (other Advocate Families are encouraged to visit your child as early as possible)
    • Communicates with Providence and your child to deepen the relationship.
  5. Your Providence Child will not know that you are supporting him or her financially.

    • This protects your child by ensuring that he or she will not feel obligated to keep you involved through letter-writing or any other means for fear of financial loss
    • After the Lead Advocate Family meets your child in-person and establishes the personal relationship, you can communicate with your child through letters and electronic communication
    • When meeting your Providence Child, you will be introduced simply as friends, or something similar to deepen the relationship
  6. While your child will not know about the financial support, you will receive updates on your child's life and have a relationship with your child.

    • The updates will provide you with a regular look into your child's life (e.g., school, home, medical, nutrition) through e-mails and pictures, and also allow you to review Providence's stewardship of your investment

    After the in-person visit by the Lead Advocate Family, you will be able to correspond with and visit your child as often as you like.


WHY six Advocate Families per child?

We have six families adopt each Providence Child together to increase the likelihood that the model will be more sustainable, relational, and financially accessible to everyone who wants to participate. Inspired by the wisdom in Ecclesiastes 4:12 ("[A] cord of three strands is not quickly broken"), the six-fold bond has three primary strengths:

  • Encourages stability and accountability for Advocate Families: If something happens to one sponsor Advocate Family that causes him or her to stop supporting the child, the other five Advocate Families can either find a replacement Advocate Family or slightly increase their financial commitment to cover the deficit.
  • Encourages support for and significant relationships with Providence Children: The likelihood of Advocate Families consistently praying for and communicating with their Providence Child increases dramatically when the families know each other and talk about their child on a regular basis.
  • Mitigates against further abandonment of Providence Children: Attachment disorders and other issues stemming from abandonment plague an orphan's life even if he or she is adopted into a home at birth, as bonding begins at conception. The model mitigates against further abandonment of Providence Children by having strong groups of Advocate Families that commit to the children through the end of their educational lives.

WHY don't we tell the Providence Children that they are financially supported?

We believe that the Providence Child-Advocate Family relationships will thrive only if they are built on in-person interaction during visits to La Providencia by the advocate families.

We never want the children to feel that their well-being is somehow dependent on writing a letter or otherwise keeping a sponsor involved. We want to avoid a culture of begging and dependency by cultivating relationships, not obligations.

We do not want to compromise the integrity of the parents' role in the children's lives, as knowledge of the Extended Family Adoption could create confusion in their minds as to who is their God-given provider.

WHY don't Advocate Families choose their Providence Child?

We want to avoid any possible exploitation of the Providence Children through public dissemination of photos, videos, and/or information about them. The children are not commodities or "tokens" for people to pick and choose from; they are each unique and beautiful children of God. As a result, potential Advocate Families will not be able to view pictures or information about specific Providence Children before deciding to commit to a particular child.

We also believe this policy eliminates decisions that are simply driven by emotion and situations where only the "cute ones" are chosen by Advocate Families.