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Community Partnership

Trash. Waste of resources. Beyond hope. These are typical ways that orphans, widows, and the poor are viewed throughout the world. Work to change that self-fulfilling prophecy by loving the children at La Providencia through our Community Partnership program today!

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  2. Step 2: Details
  3. Step 3: Payment

Step 1: Options

Monthly Community Partnership $40.00

Annual Community Partnership $480.00

Mountain View 2017 La Providencia Trip Individual Trip Fee $875.50

What is Community Partnership?

When you participate in our Community Partnership program, you’ll be invited to directly join Providence’s work at La Providencia through your prayers, encouragement, and a $40 monthly investment. Though you won’t be assigned a specific child as you would with an Extended Family Adoption, you will be able to have a relationship with all of the children at La Providencia.

For a little more than $1 per day, you will be an integral part of developing orphans, widows, and at-risk children into Gospel-driven societal leaders by providing them with loving families as well as top-notch education, medical care, and nutrition.

Where does the money go?

Providence will use these funds to support unsponsored Providence children and ensure consistent funding for all of La Providencia’s programs, including Academia La Providencia, the John Eaves Medical Center, Centro Onyx (our community center), and several community development projects.

Providence will also invest these funds into current as well as future construction, maintenance, infrastructure needs, and development of businesses (e.g., farm, Tilapia lake) at La Providencia, which will enable us to multiply your initial investment many times over.

How will you stay informed about La Providencia as Community Partners?

Community Partners can stay informed through updates, praises, and prayer requests from La Providencia via email, Facebook, and Twitter.

We hope that entire families can experience the joys of giving and serving “the least of these” together through a Community Partnership.