Mission, Values, and Vision

Our Mission

Transform communities by developing collaborative organizations that empower children and families to flourish.

We collaborate with and equip other excellence-driven organizations to prevent orphaned and vulnerable children, care for those who are displaced, and rehabilitate and restore children who have suffered trauma or other negative consequences from their difficult childhoods. We focus our training in the areas of leadership, organizational health, and collaborative best practices and we work collectively with other trainers to ensure teams are provided everything they need to prepare them to serve children and families with utmost excellence.

Our Values

We are guided by Scripture and the model of Christ. We seek to act in a way that is consistent with the heart and character of God, so that we may be able to transform the world as His image bearers. We view ourselves as stewards of everything given to us and placed before us in our lives, especially the people and communities we exist to serve.


In order to best care for orphaned and at-risk children worldwide and prevent the continued growth in numbers, we need a network of churches and organizations who are committed to working together to increase awareness, enhance cultivation, and expedite transformation.


We must always strive to serve with complete transparency, honesty, uncompromised ethics, and in a manner that is above reproach. In addition, we must work to connect preventive and corrective initiatives to ensure a full-spectrum solution that allows children and families to flourish.


We seek to do everything the best it can possibly be done, and in a comprehensive manner. We understand excellence does not result from occasional and unstructured activity, but rather through disciplined people, who adhere to repeated and disciplined thoughts and actions.


To achieve lasting excellence, we need complete understanding of the problems facing children and families and the development necessary to best solve those challenges. We must be committed to moving from good, to better, to best – only then will we achieve true community transformation.

Our Vision

Collaborative communities where children and families flourish.

As challenges escalate, the need for teamwork elevates. Knowing that one organization is too small to combat the global orphan crisis, we focus on partnerships that enable us to collectively grow communities in a way that empowers teams to help children and families thrive.