La Providencia

On September 1, 2019, operational oversight of La Providencia was transitioned to Horizon: Empower the Orphaned. For more information on Horizon, visit:

La Providencia is a best practice, family-based community of care for orphaned and vulnerable children in Honduras

Since its inception, La Providencia has served as a best practice, family-based community of care for orphaned and vulnerable children in Honduras. Providence World founded La Providencia as an incubator model for global orphaned and vulnerable child best practices and has served as the operational and financial steward of La Providencia for over 15 years. During this time, the Providence World / La Providencia Team has:

      • Provided opportunities for amazing Honduran orphaned children to be raised in loving families
      • Educated orphaned and vulnerable children with an exceptional, Bible-based, bilingual education at Academia La Providencia
      • Provided high-quality medical and dental care, and necessary surgical procedures, for the children at La Providencia and others throughout Honduras
      • Started agricultural and business operations that have provided food for the students at Academia La Providencia and helped move La Providencia towards self-sustainability
      • Conducted hands-on research on what constitutes best-practice orphan care and gained value experiential knowledge of what the actual gap is between theory and practice
      • Provided other passionate orphan care providers a model to use that ensures orphaned and vulnerable children are loved with excellence around the world

As part of our committed work in Honduras, we conducted extensive research and built La Providencia with excellence so that we could share information, educate, train, and collaborate with other orphan care providers. We designed and developed the model framework through our research and experience so that others can replicate the model, in whole or in part, and use the model to raise the standard of care for orphaned and vulnerable children and their communities around the world. Through this multiplication of the model framework, as millions of orphaned and vulnerable children around the world are raised up as societal leaders, the paradigm surrounding these children can begin to change to one where they are seen as investments, rather than as a waste of resources, as they unfortunately are currently seen by a majority of the world.

Through our work with La Providencia, we also developed and published both In Pursuit of Orphan Excellence and the Think Orphan Podcast, both of which have created a framework of best-practices that have helped thousands of orphan care providers and advocates navigate the complex issues relating to loving orphaned and vulnerable children with excellence. In September 2019, after several years of simultaneously providing oversight of La Providencia and using our experience to equip other global organizations working with orphaned and vulnerable children, we decided to transfer operational and financial oversight of La Providencia to Horizon following many months of prayer and detailed research into possible ministry partners. Horizon is an international not-for-profit organization focused on a community care model similar to La Providencia. Over the past few years, Horizon has been working to implement principles of the In Pursuit framework in their micro-communities in Kenya, and have proven to be well positioned to maximize La Providencia’s potential. By transferring the stewardship of La Providencia, we at Providence World are able to fully focus our resources to train and equip other global organizations working with orphaned and vulnerable children in the areas of leadership, organizational development, and collaborative best practices.