We are guided by Scripture and the model of Christ. Everything we do aims to further the Kingdom of God and work with Christ to "make all things new." We seek to please God, and act in a way that is consistent with the heart and character of Christ, so that we may be able to transform the world as God's image bearers of justice, forgiveness, and shalom. We view ourselves as nothing more than stewards of everything given to us and placed before us in our lives, including, without limitation, material things, natural resources, and the people placed within our care.


We seek to do everything the best it can possibly be done, with utmost excellence, in a comprehensive manner. We understand excellence does not result from occasional and unstructured activity, but rather through repeated and disciplined thought and action.


In order to best care for orphaned and at-risk children worldwide and prevent the continued growth in numbers, we need a network of churches and organizations who are committed to working together to increase awareness, enhance cultivation, and expedite transformation.


We seek to do everything with complete transparency, honesty, uncompromised ethics, and in a manner that is above reproach. In addition, we work to connect preventive and corrective initiatives for a full-spectrum solution.

Focus Areas


Even though the manner of care for orphaned children worldwide improves each year, the fact remains that the number of orphaned children continually grows. In order to properly address this issue and begin reversing the growth trend, we need to implement not only best practices in restoration, but also in prevention.


Growth is a process, not an event. We continually work to develop our best-practice model through extensive research, working with other orphan care organizations and engaging in worldwide conversation through our collaborative podcasts and book projects.


We know that in order to truly make a difference and achieve excellence that lasts, we must remain committed to continually moving from good, to better, to best – only then will we achieve true transformation in the way we love orphaned and at-risk children and their communities.


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