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Helping Organizations Pursue Excellence for Children

Providence World has a record of accomplishment for growing a model of excellence at La Providencia and leading the collaborative global conversation through In Pursuit of Orphan Excellence and our Think Orphan podcast. Our vision is to be a leader of collaboration in preventing and restoring orphaned and at-risk children and their families and communities through the implementation of best practices.  We do this by equipping others in leadership and organizational development, collaborative best practices, and the practical ways to implement the In Pursuit best practice framework for orphan care communities, which includes the following nine tenets: Family, Community Integration, Education, Nutrition, Medical/Dental Care, Psychosocial Care, National Leadership, Self-Sustainability, and Spiritual Formation.

As challenges escalate, the need for teamwork elevates. Knowing that one organization is too small to combat the global crisis surrounding orphaned and vulnerable children, our partnerships with churches and organizations are designed to inspire and equip your team as we collectively work to love the world’s children better and better every day.

Since organizations develop daily, not in a day, we know that growth is a process, not an event. Our organizational growth framework is structured around the principles of Awareness, Cultivation & Transformation (ACT).  Through our equipping program, we assist organizations in:

  • Education: Provide training to understand the root causes of the global crisis surrounding orphaned and vulnerable children, with specific focus on issues affecting the areas you serve, both locally and globally.
  • Mission & Vision Planning: Identifying what makes your organization unique in the work you do and using this information to refine your mission and vision around these strengths.
  • Leadership Development: Help leaders master the ability to inspire and build teams that produce both impactful results and future leaders.
  • Organizational Growth: Provide organizations with the tools necessary to build a solid foundation of disciplined people, thoughts and actions for long-term sustained performance.
  • Team Dynamics: Using the DISC Model of Human behavior, we help leaders and staff best serve from their strengths and gifts to maximize effectiveness, minimize burnout, and achieve peak performance through enhanced team communications and interactions.
  • Principles of Excellence: Train and equip ministries in understanding and implementing state-of-the-art holistic best practices in prevention and restoration of orphaned and at-risk children.
  • Collaboration: Provide training on connecting principles and practices for better engagement and cooperation, both internally and externally, to maximize mission and vision effectiveness as you serve alongside other organizations combating the global orphan crisis.

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